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                              OPEN DURING THE COVID 19 PANDEMIC
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Tuolumne Veterinary Hospital is a unique combination of experience, modern innovation, and gentle compassionate care for your pets.  We also have horses of our own so we have a unique experience of multiple species practice which includes exotic pets, birds, reptiles, and pocket pets.  Having been a mixed animal practice for over 35 years we have had the opportunity to experience most of the problems seen in Veterinary Medicine.

We are a small rural practice with the ability to make sophisticated diagnosis with our experience and forward thinking modern practice.  See our service page for more detailed information.

We make appointments every day 8am to 5pm Mon-Friday, on Saturday, we are open from 8am to Noon.  We keep hospitalized pets overnight, but our policy is to send your pet home when you and I both feel comforable with that decision.  Most healthy pets can go home the same day, as do many sick pets as long as we can stay in touch and follow up with phone calls and recheck exams. Call us for an appointment: 1-209-532-0129.

We look forward to new clients and their pets. Once you are a regular client we will take your calls and see your pet after hours and on weekends.

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